Episode 11 – Paul Thompson [Voyager & Ikiru People]

This week RecTalk welcomes Paul Thompson from Ikiru People, the parent company who bring the recruitment world Voyager Infinity. Paul deep dives into the world of Post-Covid and recruitment, AI and automation and the impact on the industry with the arrival of new tech. He also opens up about his sobriety, his mental health advocacy and much more. Join us in enjoying some quality time with one charismatic and entertaining person who has been in the recruitment industry for many, many years!

Episode 10 – David Birch [Endurance Zone]

In this episode we take a walk down memory lane with the person who initially hired both hosts into the recruitment industry. Since leaving the industry, Dave has gone on to take, what was a passion project / side hustle, to a global brand in the Sports Membership & Rewards world.

Listen in to tales of a time gone by, why the recruitment industry wasn’t the place for Dave and how he went on to build his Endurance Zone empire, with the support of some outstanding people around him!

Episode 9 – SupplyIN2

In today’s episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Adam Jordan and Chester Boothe, experts from SupplyIN2, an outsourced procurement consultancy specializing in procurement for recruitment businesses. Adam and Chester will be sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience in the procurement field, discussing key strategies, best practices, and industry insights that can help you take your recruitment business to the next level.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to learn from two of the best in the business on this episode of RecTalk.

Episode 8 – Rebecca Pay [Kick Ass CVs]

Not everyone we speak to on RecTalk is still in the traditional recruitment world. We invited in, LinkedIn’s most Kick Ass CV coach, author, mother and one of the most charming guests we’ve invited onto the show, Rebecca Pay to talk all things CVs and job hunting. Rebecca is held in such high regard from her customers. I mean just look at these reviews!

Rebecca is the ultimate professional in delivering what she offers and advertises. It’s a breath of fresh talking to this lady as she has the humorous chatter to make you feel at ease whilst offering an immaculate service. I’ve had the pleasure to use Rebecca’s company to do some much needed work on my resume and linked in account. I’m delighted with her quick turnaround and delivering everything we discussed and more. The end result was that pleasing that I am delighted to recommend Rebecca to any friends and colleagues who needs a similar job doing.

Rebecca is an accomplished professional with a giving heart. When I connected with her and followed her posts I knew she was the real deal, with an abundance of CV writing knowledge. Rebecca’s marketing style is very edgy, fun and unique. I used her free CV template service which got my foot in the door immediately and I was offered a position within days. Just imagine if I actually used her paid service! I will without doubt be paying for her services in the future. If you need help crafting your CV to help with your career search DO NOT hesitate in contacting Rebecca! Thanks for all your help!

Rebecca is a very good listener and creates extremely readable and compelling CVs for her customers. I recommended Rebecca’s services to a friend and she helped to order and emphasise her experience and skills in a great-looking document. The CV led to an interview – and new job straight out of the box!! I’d recommend Rebecca’s CV services to anyone needing a fresh perspective on their CV. She’s a diamond!

She may no longer be directly involved in our industry, but she sure does get how it works. This one’s going to be a great listen!

Episode 7 – Mark Hopkins [Thomas Lee Recruitment, It Starts With You Podcast & The Recruiter’s Arms]

RecTalk sits down with the ever popular “Mr Best Friend on LinkedIn” Mark Hopkins, of Thomas Lee Recruitment, to discuss a range of things from personal branding, LinkedIn content, Video marketing, Vasectomies and more! This one is going to be a fun listen!

Episode 6 – Will Grashoff [OX Seven & You Exclusive]

They say, in recruitment, never fraternise with ‘the enemy’. But what if ‘the enemy’ are actually pretty cool? What if ‘the enemy’ are a bunch of cool as F guys lead by an even cooler guy, who reminds us all that not all sales people are… well you know. Sean & Nitin welcome Will Grashoff, in an uncut, unfiltered edition of RecTalk, fueled by beer, wine, nuts and stories of HOW. How do you go from working a 9-5, in the comfort blanket of employment, to taking the leap and going alone.

Will tells all in this extra long, but extra indulging podcast. And if you’re out there, wanting to go it alone, or maybe you went it alone but it’s not what you thought… whatever you’re feeling, this one will help you a lot. It’s a journey… enjoy it. Willy Will, are you with me?

Episode 5 – Robert Woodford [The Marketing Junction]

RecTalk sits down with Robert Woodford, CEO & Founder of The Marketing Junction for a deepdive into Recruitment Marketing! We discuss ROI, the latest trends, why outsourcing might be the right solution for you and much much more! Robert has been in the recruitment world for over 20 years…Some say he’s forgotten more about marketing in the recruitment world than most people know!! He’s charming, funny and a great listen. Enjoy this one!

Episode 4 – Darren Revell [RecuriterWEB & Recruitzy]

Ever wonder what leads a man into the world of recruitment from selling fax machines door to door in the early 90s, only to pivot completely, retrain and launch a very successful website development business? That’s the story of one Darren Revell. From sharing tales of old of what the recruitment world was like in the 90s, to sharing his personal experiences of PTSD, to his relationship with recruitment mainstays like James Caan, to how and why he set up a web development house, Darren reveals all in this tell all, hold no punches insight into what is a fascinating life thus far.

RecTalk welcomes you to indulge in what we hope will be as interesting a listen, as this was a sit down with the man himself.

Episode 3 – Simon Jay [Compare Recruitment Factoring]

RecTalk sits down with Mr. Recruitment Factoring himself Simon Jay to discuss all things invoice and recruitment factoring, growing a business and more! This one is going to be a key listen for all those looking at setting up on their own in the coming years. Simon has been in the invoice finance game since before he could grow a beard! He’s your go to guy if you’re looking at your financing options and we had the pleasure of discussing his journey so far. What’s next for him?

Episode 2 – Paul Cooney [Zodeq]

When you get the chance to bring in a Managing Director of a hyper-successful finance firm, you jump at that shit. RecTalk welcomes one of the biggest names in recruitment financial services, Paul Cooney for a sit-down and shit chat about investors, financing options, who Zodeq are and where the industry is heading.

At its core, Zodeq provides businesses with a powerful suite of tools and features that make it easier than ever to manage finances and back-office processes. With its intuitive dashboards and advanced analytics capabilities, Zodeq makes it easy to track financial performance and identify areas for improvement. It also provides real-time insights into financial data, allowing businesses to make better decisions and optimize their processes.

Zodeq is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their finance and back office processes. By leveraging its cutting-edge technology and powerful features, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and get the most out of their operations.