Episode 20 – Sean Anderson [Hoxo Media]

The Recruitment Marketing Maestro with Sean Anderson! Get ready to tune in to a power-packed podcast where Sean Anderson, the man behind Hoxo Media, spills the tea on the incredible world of marketing and personal branding within the recruitment industry.

Join Sean as he takes you on a captivating journey, sharing his expertise and insights from a consultant’s perspective. Discover how marketing can revolutionize the way you attract top talent and build a strong personal brand in the competitive recruitment landscape. From leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn to creating engaging content that resonates with candidates and clients, this podcast will unlock the secrets to becoming a recruitment rock star! Sean, armed with his extensive knowledge and experience, will unveil the latest trends, tactics, and strategies that will help you stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impact.

So, grab your headphones and get ready to level up your recruitment game! The Recruitment Marketing Maestro with Sean Anderson is coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to be inspired!

Episode 19 – Bobby Banjeree

Join the dynamic and charismatic Bobby Banjeree as he dives deep into the world of bespoke training and coaching, designed to elevate recruiters and sales professionals to new heights. In this captivating podcast, Bobby will share his secrets on how to align the learner’s purpose with the bottom line objectives of recruitment and sales businesses. Discover the power of personalized training that not only enhances skills but also drives tangible results.

From uncovering the unique motivations of learners to creating tailored coaching programs, Bobby will show you how to unleash the true potential of your team. Learn how to ignite their passion, sharpen their skills, and achieve exceptional performance in the competitive recruitment industry. With his infectious energy and strategic insights, Bobby will guide you through the world of training and coaching, revealing the proven techniques that make recruiters shine. From effective communication strategies to innovative sales techniques, this podcast is your ticket to success.

So, get ready to level up your recruitment and sales game! Join Bobby Banjeree on his podcast, “Making Recruiters Better,” and unlock the secrets to creating a learning environment that empowers individuals and drives business growth.

Episode 18 – Barry Cullen [recLAW & introPROTECT]

Join us as we dive deep into the world of recruitment law, exploring topics such as resolving debts and disputes, reviewing and enhancing recruitment terms, navigating employment law challenges, and understanding corporate and commercial work in the context of the recruitment industry.

With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Barry provides valuable insights and strategies to help recruitment professionals, employers, and individuals seeking legal guidance.

RecTalk RoundTable – Jul 2023

In this epic episode, we bring together a panel of industry experts, including Rebecca Pay, Simon Jay, Darren Revell, Steve Guest, Robert Woodford, and James Fairclough, to discuss the most pressing topics in the world of recruitment.

Join us as we delve into thought-provoking conversations about the future of AI and its impact on jobs. Our esteemed guests will share their valuable insights, perspectives, and predictions, giving you a deeper understanding of this rapidly evolving landscape.

But that’s not all! We also lighten the mood with hilarious and embarrassing stories that we can all relate to. Laughter is guaranteed as our guests share their most memorable career mishaps and funny anecdotes!

Episode 17 – Mitch Sullivan [Copywriting for Recruiters]

In this week’s episode of Rectalk, we dive deep into the art of recruitment copywriting with our special guest, Mitch Sullivan, the renowned expert behind Copywriting for Recruiters. Join us as we unravel the secrets to crafting compelling and effective job advertisements that attract top talent.

Mitch Sullivan, with years of experience in the recruitment industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the conversation. Together, we explore the unique challenges recruiters face when it comes to writing persuasive and engaging job descriptions that resonate with potential candidates.

Throughout the episode, Mitch shares his proven strategies for creating captivating headlines, structuring job ads for maximum impact, and infusing them with an authentic employer brand voice. Discover how to strike a balance between showcasing the role’s requirements and selling the company culture to entice the right candidates. We delve into the importance of understanding target audiences and tailoring job ads to specific demographics, as well as incorporating effective storytelling techniques to pique interest and inspire applicants. Mitch Sullivan’s insider tips and tricks will empower recruiters to stand out in today’s competitive job market and attract top-tier talent that aligns with their clients’ needs.

Tune in to Rectalk this week for an enlightening conversation with Mitch Sullivan. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or just starting out, this episode will equip you with the essential skills to optimize your recruitment copywriting and take your hiring efforts to new heights. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights from a true master of the craft.

Episode 16 – Liz Pinks [Your Marketing Career Coach]

Candidate journey, Recruitment Marketing, Providing a strong candidate experience and the challenges of running a business during a pandemic with Liz Pinks.

We sit with Liz, a decorated and experienced recruiter, turned candidate coach to discuss her journey, a strong candidate journey, the importance of business development and the trials and tribulations of running a business during the pandemic.

Episode 15 – Paul Nightingale [Juniper Training]

RecTalk sit with the undisputed King of Apprenticeships in Recruitment, a stand-up up-and-comer and all-round great guy Paul Nightingale to discuss Apprenticeships in 2023. Recruitment’s low barrier to entry means a lot of trainees exist, but what’s the difference between a trainee and an apprentice.

We make comparisons between Youth team players and First Team players, understand how the course content is created and delivered and things get a little heated when the co-hosts disagree on a pretty vital point.

Episode 14 – Rich Berrisford [Giant Finance]

Is Invoice financing complex? Selling Invoice Finance, selling to recruiters, partnering with your finance provider and more selling with Rich Berrisford [Giant Finance+]

We talk the complex world of invoice financing, discounting, ensuring your invoices are paid, credit risk, over trading and much more in this in-depth deep dive into Giant Finance+ and how they are shaping the future of recruitment agencies moving forward.

Episode 13 – Dave Jenkins [Wave]

Dave from Wave or David from Wavid? Either way, we welcome CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur and overall great guy Mr. David Jenkins onto RecTalk this week to discuss the variety of innovative things happening over at Wave HQ.

Dave gives his views on how the recent growth of AI in RecTech and how it compares to the early internet days. We have the absolute pleasure of looking at the technology industry through the eyes of this pioneer and dive into the future of recruitment technology.

Hold on to your hats, this one’s a ride!

Episode 12 – Steve Guest [The Expert Recruiter & Top Biller]

Successful recruitment business owner, best selling author of two industry specialist books and property developer, among other amazing achievements, it’s an absolute honour to have the inspirational Steve Guest on RecTalk. Join us as we dive into the live of the original Top Biller, discussing his recruitment industry thoughts, personal brand, structure, how to build your LinkedIn network, the future, the past and what happens next.