Episode 8 – Rebecca Pay [Kick Ass CVs]

Not everyone we speak to on RecTalk is still in the traditional recruitment world. We invited in, LinkedIn’s most Kick Ass CV coach, author, mother and one of the most charming guests we’ve invited onto the show, Rebecca Pay to talk all things CVs and job hunting. Rebecca is held in such high regard from her customers. I mean just look at these reviews!

Rebecca is the ultimate professional in delivering what she offers and advertises. It’s a breath of fresh talking to this lady as she has the humorous chatter to make you feel at ease whilst offering an immaculate service. I’ve had the pleasure to use Rebecca’s company to do some much needed work on my resume and linked in account. I’m delighted with her quick turnaround and delivering everything we discussed and more. The end result was that pleasing that I am delighted to recommend Rebecca to any friends and colleagues who needs a similar job doing.

Rebecca is an accomplished professional with a giving heart. When I connected with her and followed her posts I knew she was the real deal, with an abundance of CV writing knowledge. Rebecca’s marketing style is very edgy, fun and unique. I used her free CV template service which got my foot in the door immediately and I was offered a position within days. Just imagine if I actually used her paid service! I will without doubt be paying for her services in the future. If you need help crafting your CV to help with your career search DO NOT hesitate in contacting Rebecca! Thanks for all your help!

Rebecca is a very good listener and creates extremely readable and compelling CVs for her customers. I recommended Rebecca’s services to a friend and she helped to order and emphasise her experience and skills in a great-looking document. The CV led to an interview – and new job straight out of the box!! I’d recommend Rebecca’s CV services to anyone needing a fresh perspective on their CV. She’s a diamond!

She may no longer be directly involved in our industry, but she sure does get how it works. This one’s going to be a great listen!