Episode 6 – Will Grashoff [OX Seven & You Exclusive]

They say, in recruitment, never fraternise with ‘the enemy’. But what if ‘the enemy’ are actually pretty cool? What if ‘the enemy’ are a bunch of cool as F guys lead by an even cooler guy, who reminds us all that not all sales people are… well you know. Sean & Nitin welcome Will Grashoff, in an uncut, unfiltered edition of RecTalk, fueled by beer, wine, nuts and stories of HOW. How do you go from working a 9-5, in the comfort blanket of employment, to taking the leap and going alone.

Will tells all in this extra long, but extra indulging podcast. And if you’re out there, wanting to go it alone, or maybe you went it alone but it’s not what you thought… whatever you’re feeling, this one will help you a lot. It’s a journey… enjoy it. Willy Will, are you with me?