Episode 2 – Paul Cooney [Zodeq]

When you get the chance to bring in a Managing Director of a hyper-successful finance firm, you jump at that shit. RecTalk welcomes one of the biggest names in recruitment financial services, Paul Cooney for a sit-down and shit chat about investors, financing options, who Zodeq are and where the industry is heading.

At its core, Zodeq provides businesses with a powerful suite of tools and features that make it easier than ever to manage finances and back-office processes. With its intuitive dashboards and advanced analytics capabilities, Zodeq makes it easy to track financial performance and identify areas for improvement. It also provides real-time insights into financial data, allowing businesses to make better decisions and optimize their processes.

Zodeq is the perfect solution for businesses looking to streamline their finance and back office processes. By leveraging its cutting-edge technology and powerful features, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and get the most out of their operations.